Established in 2011 by award-winning filmmakers Mary Lou Sandler and Justin Sandler, 3 cubed studios, LLC is a full service film and photography studio. Their films have toured several festivals around the world and can be seen on cable and Amazon Prime. Their photography has appeared in magazines, books, on television, and in Times Square.

3 cubed studios creates originalheart-felt, and inspiring content while delivering passionate and powerful results for their clients. Their philanthropic mission is to develop, advocate and give to charity projects that activateelevate, and heal through the arts.



Director | Producer | Writer | Host | Cinematographer
Vegan | Philanthropist | Owner 3 cubed studios, LLC

Mary Lou Sandler is a photographer, cinematographer, producer, director and owner of 3 cubed studios LLC with husband Justin Sandler. Their award winning film, "Welcome to Where You've Always Been" (cinematographer/co-director/producer) appeared in 21 festivals in 2016/2017 and is now available on Shorts TV (cable/satellite) and Amazon Prime USA & UK.

Once a working actress, video game stuntwoman, and fitness cover model, her focus now is to inspire and empower women to heal through the arts.

Her commitment to empowering women inspired her to establish FemaleFilmmakers.org (a female filmmaker group to "Empower and Employ Each Other"), and her empathy and infertility moved her to the documentary film "The Empty Womb," as cinematographer/co-producer. She has also published a photography book called, "The Beard Book," with proceeds benefiting breast and testicular cancer charities.

Mary Lou is the director, producer, cinematographer, writer, and host for the upcoming documentary, "Caregiving Cancer: The Silent Heroes" as well as the producer, co-director, co-writer, and cinematographer for the upcoming documentary, "MANtimacy."



Director | Producer | Writer | Editor | Host | Audio
Vegan | Philanthropist
| Owner 3 cubed studios, LLC

Justin Sandler is a director, actor, drummer, writer, editor, and cancer survivor (as of January 2018). He and wife Mary Lou Sandler opened 3 cubed studios LLC in January 2011.

A graduate of Indiana University, he has directed and produced cable TV in Chicago; wrote, directed, and produced commercials for ABC, FOX, and Telemundo in Palm Springs; and has been in Los Angeles working as a professional TV, film, and commercial actor, as well as a recording and touring musician.

His film, "Welcome to Where You've Always Been" (writer/director/actor/editor/producer) appeared in 21 festivals (2016-2017), won 4 awards (including his award for Best Actor in a Leading Role), and is now available on Shorts TV (cable/satellite) and Amazon Prime USA & UK.

Justin is the producer, co-director, co-writer, and editor for the upcoming documentary, "Caregiving Cancer: The Silent Heroes" as well as the director, producer, writer, editor, and host for the upcoming documentary, "MANtimacy." He is currently writing a book and developing a solo stage show about his journey called "EMBRACEcancer LOVEcancer FREEcancer."



Executive Assistant | Graphics Designer | Promotions

Miranda Perry is a writer, artist and media producer from Los Angeles.

She is a co-founder of Shoes Before Pants Productions and an underground collective called Let Love Run, whose mission is to elevate consciousness through comedy and the creative arts.

"CrossOver", a short film written by Miranda, is currently in production through MAG Films.

As an artist, Miranda creates abstract videos that have been featured in local galleries and projected behind live bands. Her piece “Macro Dissociative” has screened at MOCA.