The headshot is the calling card of the Actor. In today’s digital industry, the headshot is more important than ever. Casting directors are looking for very specific character looks. We will help you find your characters and match the wardrobe that goes with them. We will then help bring those characters to life in your photos. Our goal is to get you hired, so we will help develop your casting portfolio to give you the best chance possible. 3 cubed studios is a one-stop-shop for actors. We stay on top of today's casting trends & specialize in headshots, slate shots, acting reels, auditions on tape, original scene production, audition coaching, & online casting consulting. As a production company, we often cast films & video projects and we love bringing our clients in on castings.

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In the new era of online casting, a headshot is no longer enough. A Slate Shot is a quick video clip (less than 7 seconds) where you simply say hello, state your name, & show a bit of personality. For sites like Actors Access / Breakdown Services, having a video slate attached to each headshot is crucial! Casting directors have less time to watch full reels & will often refer to your Slate Shots to get a quick glimpse of what you look & sound like. Plus, your profile will rank higher in submissions. We'll help coach you through delivering very natural & appropriate slate shots for your characters.


While the acting reel or showreel is not new to the industry, the kinds of reels being used definitely are. In addition to your headshots, you must have quality video in the theme of today’s casting trends on your profiles if you want to increase your chances of getting into audition rooms.